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Seat Pets at Walmart | Lowest Price?

Before placing my Seat Pets order I also checked for Seat Pets at Walmart. Walmart has a really large selection of as seen on TV products. I figured that if the Seat Pets were available in stores they would be at Walmart.

While at Walmart running errands and picking some things up I looked to see if there were any Seat Pets at Walmart in the as seen on TV section. I looked up and down the aisles and in between shelves to try and find the Seat Pets at Walmart, but I could not find them there.

I was really hoping to be able to at least see them at Walmart because I wanted to see what the their price as well as the quality of the Seat Pets for Kids were like in person.

I am still really glad that I ordered from the Official Seat Pets Website because at Walmart I would not have gotten any other discounts either. Even though there are a lot of as seen on TV products at Walmart, they never have the same offers that the Official Website do.

The Seat Pets are really easy to use. When we get in the car I don’t have to attach the Seat Pets to the seat belts for my kids. They can easily take care of the Seat Pets on their own. The Seat Pets have two velcro straps on the back of them and those are what secure the Seat Pets to the seat belt. The velcro is on the back of the Seat Pets so that the Seat Pets face the kids while on the seat belt.

I have found that the Velcro has been really durable as well. It has not lost its sticking capability since we have had ours, even after a wash. One of my kids put a drink inside their Seat Pets secret compartment once and it leaked inside of it, so I had to wash it then air dry it. After going through the wash it didn’t compromise the durability of the Seat Pets. It was still like new.

Now long car rides are not a problem for my family. Using the Seat Pets for Kids makes traveling fun for my kids. They can stores things to keep them entertained on the road trip. My kids like to keep the PS3 inside the Seat Pets secret compartments while going on long road trips. They can also fit snacks and treats inside the compartments as well. The compartments are not huge, but they do have storage capabilities.

I think that the Seat Pets are a great addition to all families because they are a fun toy that makes car rides and long trips go by smoothly for both the parents and the kids. I am glad to see that my kids enjoy using their Seat Pets in the car and that they don’t have any more sore necks or boring car rides.

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